Relive the Most Exciting Moments in Olympic Basketball History with US

Basketball as it was and as it will never be again in

The Original Dream Team
Portrait of the Game
by Tony Anthony, Lloyd Battista
and Stephen Jaffe

The original, and some say only, Dream Team (photo above), the greatest sports team ever, was the 1992 U.S. Olympic Men’s Basketball Team that amazed fans around the world and transformed the NBA into a global phenomenon.

Now you can read about what went on behind the scenes and on the court in a new book.  The team that created this book are filmmakers and, in every instance, they went for the dramatic line of sports history. They highlight the inherent drama of every play, every game, every deeply moving human event in their Portrait Of The Game.They present a cumulative portrait of the living, breathing and changing world of hoops as it was in the period just before the Original Dream Team’s creation – and how that changed forever, the Modern Olympic Games as we know them, and the game of basketball itself.

In the two decades that have passed since the games in Barcelona, the legend of that time is as potent as ever. It's the story of a group of players who changed the game forever, the twelve members of The Original Dream Team:

Charles Barkley, Forward, Phoenix Suns
Larry Bird, Forward, Boston Celtics
Clyde Drexler, Guard, Portland Trailblazers
Patrick Ewing, Center, New York Knicks
Magic Johnson, Guard, Los Angeles Lakers
Michael Jordan, Guard, Chicago Bulls
Christian Laettner, Forward, Duke University
Karl Malone, Forward, Utah Jazz
Chris Mullin, Forward, Golden State Warriors
Scottie Pippen, Forward, Chicago Bulls
David Robinson, Center, San Antonio Spurs
John Stockton, Guard, Utah Jazz

Published by Shoreham House Publishers